A True and Exact Relation

…of the the manner of his Majesties setting up of his Standard at Nottingham on Monday the 22 of August 1642. In picture at least. A five page booklet lamenting the event that was to pressage the start of hostilities in the first Civil War. I don’t think  the King’s standard ever carried his picture as shown here  and the text describes in another way, which is most probably not what it looked like either:

“…it is much of the fashion of the City streamers used at the Lord Mayor’s show, having about 20 supporters, and is to be carried after the same way. On the top of it hangs a bloudy flag, the King’s armes quartered, with a hand pointing to the Crowne, which stands above with this motto: Give Caesar his due”

It seems to have been a well attended event with three troops of horse, five hundred foot soldiers and ‘diverse Lords and Gentlemen of His Majesties train’.

Lots of helmets worn by those foot soldiers if this picture is anything to go by, though as we have seen it’s not really an accurate source!

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One Comment to “A True and Exact Relation”

  1. I need some more information about that ‘True and Exact Relation’ print. Is that person in the picture King Charles? What are all the soldiers for? You have given a very poor explanation.

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