Portrait of Hester Tradescant and her stepson 1645

Painted by the Flemish artist Emmanuel de Critz. You could probably write a book about the costume details here, but I’d like to point out particularly the lovely embroidery on her under petticote and the matching lace edged coif, kerchief and cuffs.  John is wearing something more like a coat than a doublet that buttons all the way down and nice smart though understated falling band and strings © 2011 University of Oxford – Ashmolean Museum.


Hester Tradescant and her Stepson, John


2 Comments to “Portrait of Hester Tradescant and her stepson 1645”

  1. This portrait does in fact appear in a book– Leora Auslander’s _Cultural Revolutions_; Auslander cites it as an example of an unfinished Puritan sartorial revolution (2009, 60-63)

  2. Interesting coat on the boy, with no signs of a doublet underneath it

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