Portrait of Hester Tradescant and her stepson 1645

Painted by the Flemish artist Emmanuel de Critz. You could probably write a book about the costume details here, but I’d like to point out particularly the lovely embroidery on her under petticote and the matching lace edged coif, kerchief and cuffs. ¬†John is wearing something more like a coat than a doublet that buttons all the way down and nice smart though understated falling band and strings ¬© 2011 University of Oxford – Ashmolean Museum.


Hester Tradescant and her Stepson, John


2 Comments to “Portrait of Hester Tradescant and her stepson 1645”

  1. This portrait does in fact appear in a book– Leora Auslander’s _Cultural Revolutions_; Auslander cites it as an example of an unfinished Puritan sartorial revolution (2009, 60-63)

  2. Interesting coat on the boy, with no signs of a doublet underneath it

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