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January 24, 2012

Lucy Hutchinson

Wife of the good Colonell, she wrote an account of her husbands exploits in the conflicts of the 1640s and became one of the early biographers of the war. Lucy is wearing some very fine clothes, noteably an embroidered stomacher and laced kerchief. Her laced smock can be seen above the stomacher, between the edges of the kerchief. She also has a black chaperone over her plain linen coif and possibly her wedding ring on the fourth finger.

January 24, 2012

Colonell John Hutchinson

Or traditionally supposed to be. A portrait painter by Chester artist John Souch around about 1643. The Colonell wears a tall hat with possibly a silk band, a bright (very bright for 1643) red doublet, or possibly coat over a buff coloured doublet. A fine laced falling band and cuffs and more lace escaping from his coat lower down. Notice the buttons on his coat and doublet are on the edge of the material.