Colonell John Hutchinson

Or traditionally supposed to be. A portrait painter by Chester artist John Souch around about 1643. The Colonell wears a tall hat with possibly a silk band, a bright (very bright for 1643) red doublet, or possibly coat over a buff coloured doublet. A fine laced falling band and cuffs and more lace escaping from his coat lower down. Notice the buttons on his coat and doublet are on the edge of the material.

3 Comments to “Colonell John Hutchinson”

  1. Did you know that Major General Thomas Harrison, who lived fairly close by in Newcastle, Stoke-on-Trent, was always reputed to wear red and gold?

  2. Could the pic be of General Harrison maybe? It’s not 100% attributed to Hutchinson. More research needed methinks. Thanks Mary.

  3. I like the fact that, for all his finery, this gentleman is happy with a smart looking basket hilted sword, rather than a fine rapier hilt

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