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February 3, 2012


From the seasons set of engravings by Hollar. Again there are some interesting things in the details of this familar image.

Here you can see clearly M’Lady’s mask and that she’s possibly wearing a coif beneath her chaperone. The string under her chin may be keeping it on her head. Two layers of lace edged kerchief under her fox (?) fur. A paw is visible on her shoulder.

Good stout pair of lady’s shoes with a fancy rosette tie and lace or cutwork edge to her petticote edge and up the front.

And a street scene. Cheapside in the background is really busy. Notice the dogs playing on the right hand side.

February 3, 2012

The Scots

Holding Their Yovng Kinge’s Nose to Ye Grinstone (sic). Pamphlet/broadsheet from 1651. It’s a familiar image, but there are some interesting details if you zoom in.

Jockie’s hat and coat cuffs for instance. Bonnet or wide brim?

His shoes and hose. Looks like they are sewn rather than knitted from the back seam and side gussets. He has unconfined breeches too.

The buttons on the back of his coat. Round and shanked.

And last but not least, Charles’s soft boots, boothose and breeches. Spot the ribbon decoration on the lower edge.