The world Is Ruled and Governed by Opinion

Large pamphlet by Henry Peacham 1641

Nice smart suit worn by the guy on the right:

But what is this chap sporting? I have no idea!

2 Comments to “The world Is Ruled and Governed by Opinion”

  1. The writer is represented in Fool’s clothing; the ink pouring out, it could be anything being said. The orator in smart clothes has discipline? It would be like facebook and twitters versus the careful considered creative speech.

  2. This is from the pamphlet wars of 1640, with Milton and those guys. Sitting in the tree is Opinion, blind and functioning here like Justice does, surrounded by pamphlets in the branches, some of which are the actual titles of this artist/writer’s own pamphlets. On the right is an observer noting that though opinion may shift with the majority, it is really fools that water the actual tree. On top of Opinion’s head is a tower of Babel, blinding her.

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