Colonel Robert Hammond

Painted by by Cornelis Janssens van Ceulen, also known as Cornelius Johnson. This Colonel Hammond wasn’t the one who was for a while govenor of Carisbrooke Castle and jailor of Charles I whilst he was kept there before being moved to London for trial, but actually a Royalist officer from Kent who took part in the Kentish rising of the second civil war in 1646.  Smart lace edged band and a lot of braid decorating his doublet. The Colonell also wears an ebrroidered orange scarf around his waist. His example is not plain, but finely embroidered. Portrait hangs in Canterbury. Thanks to Jan Toms for pointing out my mistake.

4 Comments to “Colonel Robert Hammond”

  1. Sorry for posting this in your comment section my friend, but I have managed to mislay your email address! Check out this site for period images:

  2. Just to let you know that this is Robert Hammond a Royalist officer, not Robert Hammond the governor of the Isle of Wight at the time of King Charles’s incarceration. Their dates were similar but Robert Hammond the Parliamentary officer was born 1621 and died in Ireland in 1654. See “To Serve Two Masters,” biography by Jan Toms, Pub Caliver Books.

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