The Humble Petition…

..of us, the Parliaments poore Souldiers in the Army of Ireland, whereof many are starved already, and many dead for want of Chirurgions.

Graphic representation of the state of the army that Cromwell took to Ireland in 1647. No hat, no shirt, coat in tatters, held together with string and not much left of his breeches either. He has lost his shoes and discarded his snapsack on the ground behind him. A sorry state indeed.

2 Comments to “The Humble Petition…”

  1. Great image, thank you. I must cut out the snapsack for a closer look!
    Regards, Keith.
    A Woodsrunner’s Diary.

  2. The poor Irish must have pitied the poor English and grateful this one hardly had the energy to shoot!
    I am currently researching recently discovered great grand parents x11 who were in Cromwell’s army – based on the 1655 broadside ballad ‘The Famous Woman Drummer’ it says: They have been both in Ireland, in Spain and famous France sire, where lustily she beat her Drum….Her husband was a Muskettier, and she was then a Drummer.

    If you suspect any cross-dressing drummer images I’d love to see if she was so shabbily neglected by the Republican hero!

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