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April 3, 2012

A Declaration From Oxford

Of Anne Greene, a young woman that was lately, and unjustly hanged in the Castle-yard; but since recovered, her neck set strait, and her eyes orderly and firmly in her head again.

One of those ‘escape from the gallows’ tales, from 1651, the picture shows several episodes in the tale, but there are some nice details of common clothes, notably the bodice and petticote on the hanging woman, her shoes with high heels and the wisps of hair escaping what I assume is her coif in her ‘pre gallows prayer’ pose. I especially like the “smiley” face on the pommel of the sword of the musketeer who is poking her with his musket butt to check if she is dead yet.

April 3, 2012

Lady Elizabeth Fane 1640

I can’t find anything about this lady, but the painting is in the Brighton and Hove Museums collection. She wears a grey low cut silk bodice dressed with pearls, matching necklace, pearl earrings and her hair is dressed, a substitute for a head covering in an upper class lady.