Lady Elizabeth Fane 1640

I can’t find anything about this lady, but the painting is in the Brighton and Hove Museums collection. She wears a grey low cut silk bodice dressed with pearls, matching necklace, pearl earrings and her hair is dressed, a substitute for a head covering in an upper class lady.

One Comment to “Lady Elizabeth Fane 1640”

  1. Funnily enough, I’ve been researching the Siege of Lincoln for a blogpost and I do believe Elizabeth Fane was the wife of Francis Fane, Royalist governor of Lincoln Castle, who was taken prisoner by the Earl of Manchester.

    “Elizabeth (widow of John Lord Darcy,) eldest daughter of William West, of Firbeck and his wife Catherine Darcy dau of Sir Edward Darcy of Dertford in com. Ebor. and coheir to her brother, John West, Esq. She died in 1649, and left issue by Sir Francis Fane, four sons and six daughters.”

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