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April 8, 2012


Also from The Manner of Crying Things in London printed in 1640. Very similar bodice and petticoat to the bandstring seller, but a lower crowned hat and a large leather purse peeking out from the tabs of her bodice. There is no visible fixing on the front of the bodice opening, neither buttons nor laces, so it must have been closed with hooks and eyes. Notice also the length of the radish roots. Obviously this vegetable was longer and thinner in the 1640s.

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April 8, 2012


..or Hankercher buttons. From The Manner of Crying Things in London 1640, a collection of images of working people in London, slightly earlier than the previous ones I’ve posted. The seller has a bunch of the strings used for tying falling bands in her left hand and a box of buttons under her right arm. She’s wearing a wide brimmed hat, a tucked in kerchief over her waistcoat and what looks like an apron over the front.. She’s holding up by the edge with her right hand.

April 8, 2012

A Lanthorne for Landlords

to the tune of the Duke of Norfolk, broadside ballad printed in 1640. The picture shows a group of hay-makers. In the foreground the man wears no doublet, displaying his open shirt, felt hat and breeches, often used as an example of breeches not needing any kind of suspension from either a belt or hooking into a doublet. The woman beside him has a large straw hat, gored waistcoat and petticoat to her ankles. The snogging pair in the background are dressed similarly, though the man has a doublet and the woman a coif instead of a straw hat.