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May 12, 2012

Sir Arthur Ingram

Sir Arthur was a London financier and politician. By the time this portrait was painted (1641), by the Dutch artist George Geldorp he was quite an old man. He is wearing a silk doublet in a modern style, decorated with braid, unbuttoned at the lower end and with open sleeves that show the embroidery on the white silk under-doublet. Good quality laced falling band, a wide brimmed hat in his hand and a pair of plain black boots, but it’s the quality of the embroidered sleeves that is the unusual feature here.

May 12, 2012

Richard Wenman (1573–1640), 1st Viscount Wenman

The Baron is pictured in this 1633 English School painting in a brown silk (or maybe velvet) doublet with a plain falling band and cuffs. His hat is tall crowned with a widish brim and the whole ensemble is finished with a quite plain hanger on a baldric across his chest. Richard Wenman was an old soldier who had fought with the English at Cadiz under Elizabeth and was also MP and High Sherriff for Oxfordshire. He died before the war began in early 1640. This portrait hangs in the National Library of Wales