A Copie of A Letter

Sent from the Roaring Boyes in Elizium. Richard Kilvert on the left, Aldeman Abel on the right. We’ve met Abel before. Seems he made himself unpopular with the independants by getting involved with the arrest of Henry Burton and fell out with his own Vinters Company in London when he sided with the King over wine levies. Kilvert who was his cousin was also involved, hence they both appear in this satirical publication. Kilvert wears a smart doublet, wide brimmed hat and a band with a small decorated edge. The Alderman is dressed in gown, ruff and day cap that shows he is an important guy with letters after his name.


One Comment to “A Copie of A Letter”

  1. and holding a barrel!!! I still think we don’t portray ruffs enough, they were more common that we are lead to believe, especially for those of us who were born in Elizabeth/James era!!!

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