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May 15, 2012

Sir Francis Ottley and Family

Painted by Petrus Troueil in 1638 with members of his family. Sir Francis was a leading royalist in Shrewsbury and played a prominent part in the prosecution of the war in that part of the country. This is a more tranquil time from before hostilities. His son also went on to fight as a captaine in the king’s cause. Books could be written about these sumptuous clothes, so I don’t think I’ll bother! The picture hung in Pitchford Hall from 1638 until 1992 when it was moved to Shrewsbury Museum.

May 15, 2012

Strange, True and Lamentable

Newes from Exceter and other parts of the Western countreyes shewing how cruelly the resolute Cavaliers have dealt with the inhabitants since the departure of that Right Noble Commander the Earl of Stamford. Published in 1643, this almost tabloid sheet accuses the Royalists of several war crimes committed by in the West Country. The images are crude but quite detailed, the woman pictured with her hair astray in petticoat, bodice and apron. The bareheaded soldier beating his victim is ragged but obviously in his soldier’s coat. The poor man being beaten wears the kind of loin cloth often shown on undressed characters in period woodcuts.