The Kings Majesties Last Message

And Declaration to His Excellency Sir Thomas Fairfax. Printed in London 1647. The King was still hopeful that he could reach a negotiated settlement even though he’d all but lost his forces and the war by this point. He’s wearing a short tabbed doublet under his robes. Tom Fairfax is showing due deference by doffing his hat, which has a neat twisted hat cord, and he wears a short doublet and baldrick belt for his sword, though that isn’t shown. The King still has his sword even though he was in captivity. Fairfax is also wearing a gorget plate under his small shirt band to indicate he’s a military man in case we didn’t know.

One Comment to “The Kings Majesties Last Message”

  1. Indeed the king is still wearing the sword, but all the other insignia of royal regalia.. so he should have as well his sword.

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