The Maids Petition

To the honourable Members of Both Houses. Or The humble PETITION of many Thousands of the well-affected, within and without the lines of Communication, Virgins, Maids, and other young Women not married, etc. And in the behalf of the whole Kingdome, for their law-ful dayes of recreation. 

I suspect this 1647 publication isn’t as straightforward as it seems, the text continues with a double-entendre:

With their Declaration to hold out stiffly and to comply with the Apprentices or others for their tollerable Tolleration.

Anyway, the picture on the front shows a good image of a maid in contemporary clothes. She thinks she’s upper class as she’s dressed her hair nicely and hasn’t covered it up.

2 Comments to “The Maids Petition”

  1. What do you think she is holding in her right hand? Thanks for the images!

  2. Not sure Cindy, I didn’t mention it, just in case it was a small furry animal being mistreated! Glad you like the pics. Ian

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