Christopher Hatton

Born into a royalist family, Christopher, who was to become the 1st Viscount Hatton was painted here aged nine in 1641 by Cornelius Janssens van Ceulen. He is every inch the young gentleman with his smart black suit of figured silk, short cloak, red silk hose, shoes with high red heels and rosettes and a laced falling band. He also has a tall crowned hat with a rather natty twisted hat band which he’s placed on the side table.

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2 Comments to “Christopher Hatton”

  1. Great pic, and exactly: he is more a “grown-up” than a child of nine… Like the details of the twisted hat band, is it possible to post a close-up?
    And another question: what I miss a bit is the source of the wonderful pics & documents you are posting, that’s a thing I really would appreaciate…

    • Ill see if I can do a close up, though it’s not a high res image. I think I’ve mentioned the sources for most of the pictures here, though I did forget for this one, which is in the Government Collection.

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