The Thames at Richmond With the Old Royal Palace

A little out of period, this picture was painted probably 10 or 20 years prior to the 1640 by an unknown artist, but the clothes worn by the group of  morris dancers and the watchers show the kind of common garments that are only seen for the period in continental paintings. There is very little of this kind of thing from England. The picture is © The Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge and you can find more about it by following this link.

In this detail you can see the dancers are wearing breeches and shirts only, but still keeping their hats on. Must have been a nice hot day! The woman dancer has an early rebato type collar with a linen coif on her head. Notice her petticoat is short enough to allow her to dance. The clothes are old fashioned, particularly the breeches, but not completely out of period for 1640s.


One Comment to “The Thames at Richmond With the Old Royal Palace”

  1. The breeches of the laborer to the right are more in line with what might be expected for period. Might the ‘old fashioned” breeches of the dancers be considered costume or fancy dress specific to their dance?

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