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June 7, 2012

Marmaduke D’Arcy

Painted by John Weesop who was active during the wars. Marmaduke was a favourite of Charles II latterly and spent the 1650s in exile with his king in The low Countries, having previously fought with Lord Belasyse until the surrender of Newark. If you compare this portrait with the previous one of Sir Simon Fanshawe, Duke (as he was known to his friends) appears more the courtier than the practical soldier, with sumptuously embroidered sleeves, gilded fittings on his armour and lustrous silk scarf tied in a bow at the shoulder. One practical thing to note though is the knotted falling band, much the mark of a military man in the 1640s. Picture hangs in the Huntington Library in California

June 7, 2012

Sir Simon Fanshawe

Painted by Dobson, Sir Simon was a royalist who was captured during the war and spent the rest of the 1640s in exile in France. He was also an associate member of the Sealed Knot during the interregnum.

Sir Simon wears a sleeveless buffcoat with pointed waistline, spirally laced and rather similar in style to the one held in Kensington Palace, reputed to belong to the King. Here’s a link to a blog post about it. The sleeves are embroidered or maybe laced (meaning braid), and may be part of a doublet or may just be attached to the lining of his leather coat. He has a falling band which is half linen/half lace and matching, though not identically coloured breeches. The colour of the breeches suggest that the sleeves are not part of a doublet/breeches combination but attached to his coat. He also has an almost impracticably long sword baldrick, which is fringed with metallic threads that match the decoration on his sleeves.

The portrait hangs in the Valance House Museum in Dagenham Essex.