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June 13, 2012

Bathsua Makin

Engraved by William Marshall sometime between 1640 and 1648, Bathsua, once described as England’s most learned lady was skilled in several languages,wrote books and at one time as the caption suggests, was tutor to Charles I’s daughter Elizabeth. Bathsua wears her hair uncovered, but well dressed and has a front lacing bodice and plain, undecorated neckerchief and cuffs. Very much the educated, well dressed lady.

June 13, 2012

Pepper and Puddle

From John Taylor’s booklet of 1643, this picture shows a group of obvious royalists on the left, (long hair, sword baldricks, boots) and a stereotypical group of roundheads (short hair, shoes, tabbed doublets) on the right, goading their dogs to attack each other. Nick Poyntz has blogged about the text and I would recommend you read it, link here, for the background to this image.