The Malignants Trecherous and Bloody Plot

Published in June 1643 this is a pictorial account of the Royalist plot to make London a base for the King. This later became known as Waller’s Plot after Edmund Waller who turned on his co conspirators to avoid execution. There are several panes worth looking at in closer detail.

THe first one shows the conspirators around a table and being brought communication by Lady Aubigny. The lady wears bodice, petticoat and neckerchief and has a chaperone hood on her head. The conspirators are obviously well to do with laced bands, high crowned hats and boots

The second pane shows the forces supposedly available for the assault on London. Notice the cavalry seemingly fully armoured, quite a rare sight and the club men, armed to the teeth with whatever they could find, hooks, bills, halberds and clubs.

Picture number three, two children of the King,  guards and a pair of courtiers. Note the “at ease” posture of the soldiers and strangely three differently style doublets..

This one shows general thanksgiving on the foiling of the plot. General crowd scenes from the time seem to consist of cloak wearers. The right half depicts a cloaked preacher and an attentive (standing) congregation.

And the retribution. The mounted soldiers this time are in back and breast armour only. Spot the high class lady centre frame with uncovered head. I worry about the health and safety implications in the hangman’s trade. Nothing to stop him falling off the gallows. Outrageous!

3 Responses to “The Malignants Trecherous and Bloody Plot”

  1. Many thanks for posting this, Ian. It’s a fascinating image with some surprisingly ‘modern’ features. For those who are interested, it inspired a post on the history of the comic strip at ‘The Many Headed Monster’:


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