A Pack of Knaves

Etching by Hollar, after, or very similar to some Abraham Bosse french engravings. Published between 1636 and 1644 there are some interesting costume details here, though not strictly English, I thought they were good enough to show here.

The Busye. Well to do couple in possible late 1630s style. Quality bodice with balloon sleeves for M’Lady and laced doublet and falling band for her escort.

The Overdoo. I’m not entirely sure what he’s doing with the syringe, but quality paned doublet with cutwork falling band and simple clothes for the woman whose coif looks almost Tudor. Maybe a French influence?

The Damee. This rascal is dressed as the archetypal cavalier, down at heel and just a bit ragged.

The Swillbottle. Interestingly this chap seems to be in his underpants, though this is the only image I’ve ever seen of something like this. Maybe a monmouth cap on his head? Good close up of a shirt opening, something you don’t often see in images.

Sweetlipps. A serving man, cloth over his arm and a smart livery coat and plain band. Is that a pineapple or an artichoke?

A mere scullion, with a knitted cap that in older days would have been called a Statute Cap. Another shirt worn without a doublet and a cook’s apron.

The Graceless. Smart suit and plain band, but check out the ribbons on his breeches and the boot hose worn with shoes.

The Fflye. He wears a peakless montero cap. Not sure if they were ever worn in England but they appear in at least two Bosse engravings.

The Sleplove. Paned doublet and cutwork falling band with bandstrings.

One Comment to “A Pack of Knaves”

  1. The think that the device the the Overdoo is holding is a clyster syringe (enema device), but I’m not sure what that has to do with the card.

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