England’s Monument of Mercies

In Her Miraculous Preservations from Manifold Plots, Conspiracies, Contrivances and attempts of forraigne and home-bred trecherous Enemies against the Parliament, Kingdome, and purity of Religion. Single page broadsheet published in London September 1646 railing against several real and supposed Royalist plots against Parliament.

There are several of the usual suspects in portrait ovals, but what caught my eye was Lady Aubigny in the middle of the engraving. Lady Aubigny (or d’Aubigny) was Katherine Stuart and the mother of the Stuart brothers painted by Van Dyck. We met her earlier in connection with Waller’s Plot, delivering a message from Oxford to the conspirators. Here she wears what looks like a long sleeved coat fastened with ties and a fur wrap over the shoulders. She also seems to have a smallish head-covering and her hair is left loose, suggesting that she is a lady of quality who has no need to cover it completely.

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