Robert Rich Earl of Warwick

Robert Rich Earl of Warwick was a prominent parliamentarian officer on land and sea during the Wars. There are several portraits of Rich from various periods, usually dressed in his finest clothes, but this one is exceptional. Painted in 1633 by Daniel Muytens, possibly a little early for this period, but a style that probably was worn in the 1640s by those who didn’t move as quickly with the times as those at court. Warwick’s doublet is a typical style for the 1630s and is covered with embroidery and edged with braid in a very similar style to the Layton Jacket in the V&A Museum on London. The ribbon bow points around the waist may be holding his breeches up or may just be decoration as the fashion was moving to the use of hooks and eyes for this purpose. His breeches and cloak don’t match the doublet, but the colours are picked out in the embroidery design. Picture hangs in Hardwick Hall Derbyshire

3 Comments to “Robert Rich Earl of Warwick”

  1. any chance you can do a close up of the embroidery Ian?

  2. Sadly there isn’t enough definition in the image to zoom in much more than this Mary. We’re now wondering if it’s brocade rather than embroidery as the pattern doesn’t quite fit the cut of the doublet.

  3. I have returned from the Portraits from the Prada Madrid here in Brisbane and I was impressed but this takes my breath away. Earl of Warwick in shocking orange – he’s very pleased with himself! I love it, so warm and indulgent. How could the ladies resist him? Can’t stop thinking about the people who laboured to produce such finery. I almost want to pin him up on my work-station but hubby might get jealous!
    I bet he broke into a tap-dance now and then. Great pics as usual.

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