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October 19, 2012

A Lady of the Grenville Family

Painted in 1640 by Gilbert Jackson, this lady is thought to be Anne, wife of Richard Grenville. She wears a brown silk bodice faced with pink at the cuffs and fastened with some rather ornate hooks and eyes down the front and along her sleeves. There is possibly not much fashionable stiffening beneath as there are curvy outlines to be seen that wouldn’t be obvious if she was wearing a set of bodies or boned bodice. The gathered cuffs of her smock are visible below the turn-back of her sleeve. Notice also the tulips in her hair with the coloured streaks that just a few years previously would have made them very expensive accessories. The child who could be a boy or a girl wears a yellow doublet, practically fastened with ties, for quick removal if necessary, over a white smock and a nicely embroidered whitework daycap. Portrait hangs in the Tate London.

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