Denzil Holles

Painted by Edward Bower c1640. Denzil Holles was a prominent parliamentarian and fought during the war. He is mainly remembered as one of the five members that Charles tried to arrest at the House of Commons in 1642. This painting has a kind of gritty realism, the linen shirt and falling band are grubby and the sitter looks dishevelled, almost as if he’s just come from Edgehill. His armour is highly polished though and his doublet sleeved are banded with gold braid.


2 Comments to “Denzil Holles”

  1. Is it braid joined up or material…looks good but as you say dishevvelled!

  2. It’s tricky to tell in this painting I admit. They could also have been embroidered with gold thread before they were made up.

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