Colonel Sir John Booth

Painted by Edward Bower. I can’t find anything about the good Colonel, apart from the fact that he came from Dunham Massey where this splendid picture hangs. Presumably he was a Parliamentarian as Bower generally painted like minded subjects. Let me know please if you know any more. He is arrayed in military splendour, but looks more like he’s just taken a break from a hunt in the woods. If you compare him with the picture of Denzil Holles you’ll see what I mean. Lovely candy stripes of braid or embroidery on his doublet and breeches, a fine pair of soft boots with spurs, buff coat with back and breast armour, fur lined glove on one hand and an armoured gauntlet on the left to protect the hand that holds the reins.The ensemble is finished with a black taffeta scarf (sash) tied at the rear, red ribbon bows on his breeches and a pair of outrageous tassels on the cord holding his tiny powder flask at the hip. Hopefully his firelock isn’t loaded. He may get a nasty shock if it goes off half-cock!

Update, from the NT website: The sitter was the fifth son of Sir George Booth (1566-1652) and Catherine Anderson, the daughter of Sir Edmund Anderson, Chief Justice of the Court of Common Pleas. He married twice: firstly to Dorothy St John, daughter of Sir Anthony St John, the younger son of Oliver, Earl of Bolingbroke; and secondly, in 1659, to Anne, widow of Thomas Legh of Adlington. In 1651 he was accused of conspiring with the Scots to restore Charles II and imprisoned in the Tower of London. He is buried in Chester Cathedral.


7 Comments to “Colonel Sir John Booth”

  1. I can see with these “boot hose” why they’d be not just fancy but also practical. Seems that with those flaring boot tops lots of “bits & bobs” could fall inside and be… a bit of a bother 🙂 …. Thanks, fascinating indeed.

  2. Absolutely!!! Loved your comment about the handling of his “firelock”… Hand likely to be blown “to smithereens”, maybe? 😉
    As an Australian I knew nothing about the English Civil War but your blog has encouraged me to research. Fascinating and thankyou!!! Makes me wonder why these paintings depict their character as a kind of “dandy” but with a reminder that he was also a soldier/ fighter? … Couldn’t find the picture of Denzil Holles… can you please give me a “link”. Cheers and thanks again,

  3. I know this is a waayy old blog entry, but I just found a little information on Col Booth.

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