Sir Alan Brodrick

To add balance to the last post, Sir Alan was a royalist who took no active part in the wars but later was one of the Sealed Knot group of conspirators working to restore the monarchy in the late 1650s. The picture was painted in the 1640s by Robert Walker and is now in the Wandsworth Museum. Unlike the warlike Sir Arthur Hesilrige his falling band is not tied away with ribbon and he sports some decorative bandstrings and although his armour is just as impressive, I suspect it saw no action.

Sir Alan Brodrick by Walker

2 Comments to “Sir Alan Brodrick”

  1. Is it me or does this gentleman and the previous one appear to be wearing the same armour, standing infront of the same backdrop? One wonders whether the artist had a stock of paintings of armoured bodies that he then painted the sitter’s head on to 😉

  2. Sir Arthur was painted by an unknown artist. I suspect as you do Sue that it was probably Robert Walker as the two are stylistically very similar. The backdrops are actually slightly different, but the light effects on the armour are almost identical which is more telling I believe.

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