Thomas Singleton

Painted by Richard Hunt in 1642. Thomas Singleton was a London skinner who bequeathed some money to Christ’s Hospital foundation and on his death in 1653, this portrait was hung on the walls as part of his will. The portrait shows that some older men at least were still wearing ruffs around their collars in the 1640s. He’s also sporting a nicely embroidered linen whitework cap with lace edging and holding what appear to be a fine pair of gloves with gold thread decoration. The picture is still in the Christ’s Hospital Foundation.

Thomas Singleton by Richard Hunt

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3 Comments to “Thomas Singleton”

  1. Love the cap!

  2. Not unusual. I have a reference to a Capt.Henry Westby of Greasborough in Rotherham buying a ruffe and a pair of ruffes in 1644. Capt.Westby was a captain of Horse under Lord Fairfax and fought at Marston Moor 🙂

    • You don’t see them in portraits too often though. I’m wondering if the ruff/ruffle was a professional thing, a hangover, like modern judges wigs. I’ve seen an image of Marriott the London lawyer wearing one.

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