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January 4, 2013

All The Memorable Wonderstriking Part 4

Page 5 shows the Execution of the Earl of Strafford and another episode from the pre-war period, the escape of several unpopular royal sympathisers to the continent.

There aren’t many clear costume details in the first engraving, but it’s interesting to compare it with Hollar’s version. Here the crowd is a lot smaller and there are none of the temporary stands shown in the bigger picture. Either there isn’t room for that many people in the smaller image or Hollar was exaggerating the size of the gathering. I notice that most of the front row are bareheaded. Probably because of complaints from the back about not being able to see.

Screen Shot 2013-01-03 at 18.52.27


Sir Francis Windebank was a supporter of Charle’s ideas for a reformed church, Finch the judge at Hamden’s ship-money show trial, Jermin and presumably The Lord Digbie was involved in the Army Plot, a scheme to bring the northern army to Westminster to coerce the Long Parliament into doing what the King wanted rather than what they were elected to do.


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