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January 8, 2013

All The Memorable Wonderstrikings Part 6

Last tranche of pictures from the end of this 1641 comic book. First picture shows the Commons in session in Westminster Palace and relates to an incident where John Pym, the leader of the house was sent a letter containing a plague infected dressing. Opinions are divided as to whether this was a real attempt on his life, certainly the letter was opened in front of the house as a piece of theatre, so Pym must have had foreknowledge of what was in the letter and also no worries that being in close proximity would lead to anyone contracting the disease. Anyway, here are the great and the good of the land in session wearing a selection of cloaks and gowns as befits their statuses. Note all wear broad brimmed hats apart from the two guys at the table in day caps seemingly.

Screen Shot 2013-01-05 at 22.22.36


This last image shows Thomas Lunsford and a “great rout of ruffianly Cavaleires” causing a riot in Westminster Hall. Lunsford was a staunch royalist who was appointed by Charles as Lieutenant of the Tower of London. This was an unpopular move and must have looked to the Long Parliament, not without cause, that the King was trying to secure the Royal Armouries for himself in preparation for possible war. Lunsford made himself even more unpopular a few days after his appointment when he and a large group of followers were confronted by a gathering of apprentices in Wesminster Hall and chased them off with swords drawn and cries of “Roundhead”.

Here are the ruffians dressed in their finery, short doublets with slashes, lace edged seams and spurred boots, whilst the apprentices are seemingly more simply attired in doublet and breeches. Note also the two rear markers, one in a knee length coat and the last in what looks like a circular cloak.



Screen Shot 2013-01-05 at 22.22.53