Review of the Year

Sorry there are no pictures today. Just a few things I wanted to say to all those who read the blog on a regular basis.

Recently I received a message from WordPress with my review of last year, how many visitors I’d had, where they came from etc. It prompted me to look over the statistics for myself and I realised that there were several things I’d not have realised if I’d not looked over the stats.

Firstly that this little site has had visitors from all over the world, 85 different countries from every continent apart from Antarctica which doesn’t seem to be represented anyway on WordPress’s atlas.

Secondly the referring websites. Reenactor’s forums I had expected, but I’ve had regular traffic from other sites, for which I’m thankful. Oddest of all seems to be a blog about a roleplaying game called Lamentations of the Flame Princess from Finland. Thanks Jim!

The top three posts are:

1. Soldiers in the Field, an engraving which I have pointed out is not even provably 17th century but which has been so popular that it’s had 979 hits, almost twice as many as the next most popular posting. I’d love to know why this is the most visited picture on the blog.

2. 17th Century Chav which went almost viral in February. Since 21st Feb 2012 it has had almost no hits, but on that day 221 of you looked at it in a feeding frenzy. Again, I’d love to know why.

3. The World Turned Upside Down, the classic image of how 1640s society was almost literally turned on it’s head during the wars. This one has visitors almost daily and I can understand why as it’s the kind of thing most people interested in the period will google at one time or another.

I’ve had little constructive feedback about this blog. I like to think that that’s a good thing, and I’m aware from other sites, Facebook for instance that the pictures here are building up into a handy reference tool for anyone interested in the 1640s and the clothes they wore. I know I use it regularly to compare various types and styles of clothing. If you do have a comment or suggestion for a picture to be included or a tag or category left out, please let me know, either by a comment here of a personal mail. My address should be visible. I can’t guarantee that I won’t run out of images eventually, but I have a fair few that are still to go in and I’m still looking!

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