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February 11, 2013

Robert Davies of Gwysaney

Painted again by Thomas Leigh in 1643. Robert was High Sherriff of Flintshire and fought for the King during the war, though he was imprisoned by Parliament forces in 1645. He is dressed in a gold silk doublet which has been pinked, or slashed across the body, sleeves and shoulder wings. I’ve not seen a lot of this kind of decoration from the 1640s, it was more a Tudor decoration, though in Wales, it may have not been quite as old fashioned as it would have been in London. His buttons are a nice detail too, seemingly wrapped with the same thread that makes up the doublet and he has a smart, though understated falling band. He does need to do something with his hair though! The portrait can be found in the National Museum in Cardiff.


Robert Davies of Gwysaney