Charles II as a boy

This painting is attributed to Dobson and shows the young prince, younger than he was when painted by William Dobson for the portrait that is better known. He is dressed as a soldier with buff coat over a slashed silk doublet, but the whole effect is riches, brocaded silk breeches, wide laced collar and soft boots with boothose to match his breeches. He’s holding a broad brimmed hat with a white ostrich plume and ribbon favour. There is an odd detail on the right hand, a silk scarf end has been painted but the scarf doesn’t seem to go anywhere. Perhaps it is just knotted around his arm or maybe it’s a mistake. This picture hangs in Kinloch Castle on the Isle of Rum

Charles II (1630–1685), as Prince of Wales

2 Comments to “Charles II as a boy”

  1. It looks to me as though the scarf is tied around his left arm, at about the elbow, and right across the slash in his doublet… It seems to be tied in a soft floppy bow just above his elbow? … Doesn’t seem to serve any purpose and maybe is just an adornment? Very sumptuous and beautiful clothing indeed and certainly not suitable to go “fighting” in me-thinks 🙂

  2. Attributed to but definitely not by Dobson.

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