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March 4, 2013

Captaine Abraham Stanyan

of the Red Regiment London Trayned bands, painted in 1644. I can’t find anything about this painting or where it is now, but I do know a little about the good Captaine who was a leading member of the London Company of Plaisterers before and after the war. He fought in at least one battle during the war and maintained his interest in all things military after the war as a member of the Honourable Artillery Company, (the oldest regiment in the Army which continues to provide reservists for HM Forces right up to today), rising to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Captaine Stanyan is dressed in his military buff coat which has some gold thread decoration on the seams of the sleeves and decorative clasps up the centre closing. He has plain but serviceable gauntlets and a splendid silk scarf tied at the shoulder, a practical arrangement that keeps the knot out of the way. His collar band is interesting too, seemingly a double layer of linen, each lined with narrow lace. I don’t usually comment on weaponry, but Stanyan has a pole axe or war hammer head on his pole arm and a short flintlock pistol suspended from his coat.

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March 4, 2013

The Vaulting Master

or, The art of vaulting reduced to a method, comprised under certaine rules. illustrated by examples, and now primarily set forth by Will Stokes. Printed for Richard Davies in Oxford 1652. Kind of a Karma Sutra for jumping over horses, there are some choice engravings in the book by George Glover who was a prolific illustrator of the time.

The First Figure. A fellow in tightly cut doublet, breeches and long boots holds the horse’s head whilst the chap in ¬†three-quarter armour works out how he’s going to mount and keep his dignity


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Over the Head of the Horse. The vaulter, now stripped to shirt and breeches defies gravity and still has time to wave at the artist. Nice shoes and leg ties.


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The Hercules Leave. This must have been tricky before yoga was invented. I hope he can get his hands out of the way or he’s heading for a nasty fall! That’s a quality shirt he’s wearing, judging from the gathers in the body.


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The Mistress Command. The horse doesn’t look impressed, and the lady seems a tad concerned too. Looks to me like he’s going to kick her in the teeth and get caught on his rapier in one sweeping comedy move. Smart four or six-tabbed doublet, breeches to match, embroidered baldric and long boots pulled up to the thigh. M’lady in a (possibly) embroidered petticoat and dressed hair with a lace edged kerchief.



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