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March 18, 2013

Eikon Alethine

Eikon alethine. The pourtraiture of truths most sacred majesty truly suffering, though not solely. Wherein the false colours are washed off, wherewith the painter-steiner had bedawbed truth, the late King and the Parliament, in his counterfeit piece entituled Eikon basilike. Published to uudeceive the world. London 1649

Published shortly after Eikon Basilike to try and debunk the idea that the King had written Eikon Basilike. John Milton had also written a book on the same subject, Eikonoklastes, though sadly in his publication there were no pictures. Here a hand pulls back a curtain to reveal the cleric  who was thought of have ghost-written the Eikon, identified in the book with the roman politician Catiline who tried to overthrow the Roman republic, though now thought to be the Bishop of Worcester John Gauden. He is clad in standard Church of England garb in square Canterbury cap, preaching gown with a hanging sleeve visible and a small collar band. The arm has a nicely darted linen cuff. Image © Trustees of the British Museum

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