London Merchant’s Wife

Engraved by Hollar as part of his collection of costume images from all over Europe called  Theatrium Mulierum, first published in 1643. The merchant’s wife wears a wide brimmed hat with loose hair, a three-layer lace edged neckerchief over a boned and laced bodice. her under petticoat skirts look like they are lined with some kind of lace or simple embroidery and the outer petticoat of some kind of satin fabric, possibly silk. Her shoes are fashionably high heeled and she has ribbon rosettes over the fastenings. A prosperous lady, though not high class, she is well dressed for the city.

Hollar_London Merchants Wife

3 Comments to “London Merchant’s Wife”

  1. what a great quality picture, the detail on the lace is excellent and i like the high heels

  2. Hi! Is this image copyrighted? Interested in reproducing it for an art installation. Thanks for your help!

    • I wouldn’t think so as it was etched in the 17th century. I think it matters more about where you get the image from though, who owns the photography. I wouldn’t just copy my version, the rules are slightly different for blogs.

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