An Antodote Against Melancholy

or a Treasury of 53 Rare Secrets and Arts Discovered by an Expert Artist, Richard Amyas. Published in 1659. Another handy book of secret recipes and hints, most of which probably wouldn’t work, but there’s a nice woodcut on the cover showing a chap having a tooth extracted by a dentist seated on a horse. I notice the patient has had the presence of mind to remove his hat in the presence of his better. Anyway the chap on the ground wears a loose doublet and ungathered breeches, basic unheeled shoes, hose and carries a tall hat in his left hand. The “dentist” is more fashionably clothed in fitted doublet, breeches, large falling band and a cloak with buttons all the way down. A good pair of riding boots on his feet and a large brimmed hat on his head.

Maybe the patient would have been better to read the book?

Tooth Ache of a Hot Cause

Boyl the root of Henbane in white-Wine Vinegar; bruise the root, and hold it between the Teeth, as hot as the party can suffer it, and hold your head over the fume of it, and keep your head warm, it wonderfully easeth.

Screen Shot 2013-03-22 at 12.05.53

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