Hester Pooks

The wife of John Tradescant again, painted by an unknown british artist around 1645. No apologies for the repeat as there aren’t that many nice portraits of women from the 1640s and this is another good one. Hester is wearing a broad brimmed felt hat over a lace edged coif. You can only see the edging in the portrait, poking out from under the brim. She has a double layer linen kerchief over a black bodice and her smock has a high collar. Picture © 2011 University of Oxford – Ashmolean Museum

Hester Pookes Ashmolean

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2 Comments to “Hester Pooks”

  1. It really is a dignified portrait. Do you know what is the striped item hanging on cotton string? The outfit would keep one warm I imagine.

  2. Hi Julie. I think the stripes are laces on her bodice. The string hanging down has a ring on the end of it. Possibly her wedding ring?

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