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Of the Passage of THOMAS late Earle of STRAFFORD, over the River of Styx, with the conference betwixt him, CHARON, and WILLIAM NOY. A small eight page satire written by an anonymous author in 1641 after the execution of Strafford. William Noy was a lawyer who was associated in the popular consciousness with the King’s attempt to raise money without calling parliament by reinstating ancient crown rights for financial gain. He had in fact just been doing his job, but by 1641 he was dead, and he is pictured on the other side of the river Styx waiting for Strafford’s arrival. Thomas Wentworth, Earl of Strafford had been caught up in the political wranglings between King and Parliament and basically was sacrificed by Charles in a vain (as it turned out) attempt to keep the peace.

Noy is wearing a tabbed doublet, breeches and a heavy cloak over all and possibly a ruff that seems to have been as much a lawyer’s uniform then as a wig is now. Strafford looks to be clothed in a similar fashion though his hat seems smarter somehow. Charon the legendary ferryman to Hades of Greek myth has a doublet presumably and an odd almost brimless tall crowned hat.


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