Chimney Sweep

From “The Manner of Crying Things in London” printed in 1640 by an anonymous author. The sweep has obviously been working as he is covered in filth and is looking at us with a surly expression. On his back is a snapsack and the tools of his trade. I’m not sure what the golf-club like instrument is, possibly a rake to gather the soot from the lower parts of chimneys. If so it is doubling as the lever to hold the pack on his back.

He’s wearing a battered hat and some kind of belted coverall or smock to keep his clothes in some kind of decent condition. I don’t blame him, I’ve had a go myself. Soot goes everywhere!

Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 17.11.28

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One Comment to “Chimney Sweep”

  1. These portraits from the Cries of London are brilliant. I hope we’re going to be seeing more of them. A nice change from all the ladies and gents!

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