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August 15, 2019


IMG_9806Yet another of the figures carved by an unknown craftsman in (we think) 1636 or 37 and preserved in plaster in the Royal Armouries museum. This appears to be a young lad playing the fife, though part of his instrument has disappeared. He wears a short coat with plain shoulder wings, plain linen cuffs and a small linen band on his shirt. He’s also wearing a brimmed felt hat on his head.

IMG_9807From the front we can see his coat is unbuttoned at the bottom and that he has pulled his shirt out in a fashion you can see in some high status portraits from the time. He’s been given a plain shoulder belt for his sword and some latchet shoes tied with a ribbon

IMG_9808IMG_9809From the rear you can see the decorative knot that he’s tied in his garters.


On the right hand side you can see the case for his fife, the feather plume in his hat and what looks like a regimental favour in his upturned brim.



Here is the lad, photographed when the staircase and the figures were still in their rightful place in Cromwell House in Highgate, London