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September 26, 2012

Stripping, Whipping and Pumping

Pamphlet published in 1638 by John Taylor. A scurrilous story of a woman scorned and what she and her friends did to the woman in Covent Garden who had spent a night with her husband. What is really interesting is that this picture seems to be the original woodcut that was used in the Discovery of Six Women Preachers” that I blogged about previously. The story even mentions a serving boy who goes for a bowl and razor who features in the bottom left hand corner. Sadly the image is incomplete as the top part is covered by a scale, but it’s obvious that this is the original, there are no alterations in the woodcut and the image makes more sense in the context of this story. Nice costume details on the women’s petticoats too. The woman on the right wears a simple petticoat with bodies joined to the skirts, whilst the two on the left wear waistcoats over the top. The poor woman being whipped in the centre has a petticoat with separate skirts, or at least one where the body can be easily detached. Good selection of pointed coifs too.

April 4, 2012

A Discovery of Six Women Preachers

In Middlesex, Kent, Cambridge and Salisbury. I’m not sure how this picture illustrates the stories in this booklet published in 1641, but the clothes look right for the period. At least two tabbed waistcoats and one untabbed, some smartly trimmed collars and three of those weird pointed or horned coifs, one of which sold at auction in Carlisle in December last year. I’d love to know why they’ve stripped the poor girl in the middle. It looks like this is possibly a reused block as they are cutting her hair off, something which doesn’t relate to the story at all! To add some context, I have since found the original image which I have blogged here.