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October 1, 2012

Francis Legh

Painted in the late 1630s, Francis Legh was one of the Leghs of Lyme and held the estate of Lyme Park in Cheshire for a year or so until he died in 1643. He is quite soberly dressed in a brown doublet and linen band. The details on the band are quite clear in this portrait, it’s easy to see the darts at the back, the simple strings and the work on the bobbin lace edging that is matched on his cuffs. This is a short tabbed doublet, quite old fashioned for the 1640s, but still worn by older folk. The sleeves have open seams to show the fine linen on his shirt, although I’ve not seen the openings quite as low as this before.. His  sword seems hang from a belt that is partly waistband partly over the shoulder. Portrait hangs in it’s original home, Lyme Park Cheshire




May 20, 2012

Lucius Cary Viscount Falkland

Painted by an unknown artist, the famous politician and author, who was known for his reckless charge at the battle of Newbury, which was tantamount to suicide. This was probably a pre war painting, but Falkland is dressed in a slashed doublet that shows his shirt through the gaps in the cloth. He has also pulled some of his shirt through the lower part of his doublet that has been left unbuttoned. Looking closely, you can see his sword belt that follows the line of his fashionable pointed waist and the ribbon bows decorating the doublet below that. Laced falling band and matching cuffs. This picture hangs in St Johns College Cambridge.