About the picturebook

The picturebook is a selection of English and Scottish images mainly from the 1640s intended primarily as a costume guide. The plan is to stick to this narrow geographical remit (though I occasionally stray in date) and not show (as far as is possible to tell) the kind of pictures from the Netherlands or France that are often used as evidence for clothes worn in the English Civil War. I have no problem with others using Low Countries pictures as evidence, but as the body of images grows here it is possible to spot trends and fashions in the clothes worn in the British Isles during the period without resorting to what our forebears would have considered foreign pictures.

I’m trying to get my head around the best way to sort the images and make them accessible. For the meantime, tags seem the best method, and I’ve also categorized each image to indicate what class of person is shown. You’ll find the tags & categories on the right hand side of the home page, or at the bottom if you’re mobile surfing.  Let me know please if anthing is particularly good or annoying/difficult to use.

I’m also aware that you may occasionally see advertisements on the blog. This is purely a wordpress thing, to keep the site free for me to use. I make no money from posting here.

3 Comments to “About the picturebook”

  1. Sir, your work is valued by this Brummy born, Aussie citizen who has embarked on a story of her great grandparents x 11 according to St Botolph register. By all accounts this was a popular ballad of the ‘Famous Woman Drummer’. Have you come across her(or the gallant she-souldier?) In the picture at the ebba link below the woodcut has her back to female civvies – but description of her male attire, having to be pulled away to give birth is a treasure I thought you would appreciate.

  2. How do I ‘unfollow’ this site?

    • Hi Brenda, it’s not something I’ve been asked before, but I think if you hover the cursor at the top where it says “following” it changes to unfollow. Just click on it. Thanks for the help on the Boy With Coral pic.

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