The Humble Petition of Jock of Bread

Satyrical tract from 1648. Jock presents his petition to call for closer union between England and Scotland. Jock in the centre has removed his hat to honour the sergeant who is taking the deposition. He, and the cloaked guys on the left are wearing short tabbed doublets, a nice pair of breeches with ribbon decoration and high heeled shoes.The sergeant (you can tell by his halberd) has a longer tabbed doublet, breeches, boots, a waist-tied scarf and a baldric holding up his sword. He is also leaning on a walking cane which would make it tricky to wield his halberd effectively, though it does imbue him with a certain air of disdain! I’ve now found an earlier version of this image on the front page of The Catholicke’s Petition to Prince Rupert¬† from 1644. It doesn’t look original to that publication either.

Screen Shot 2013-04-24 at 08.38.51

One Comment to “The Humble Petition of Jock of Bread”

  1. I knew I had seen this somewhere else but was having trouble finding it. Do you think that is supposed to be the destroyed Cheapside Cross in the background? If so it would probably push the image back to 1643

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