April 1st 1642

A Continuation of the Triumphant and Couragious Proceedings of the Protestant Army in Ireland.

It may be an April fool, but this is a tricky image to date. It appears in several publications and at first sight looks a little dated for the 1640s, with the baggy breeches and stiff collars, though it may be a representation of the trained bands of London who often drilled in their best, possibly slightly old fashioned clothes. However, as has been pointed out on several occasions since I posted the image, their breeches do look like German pluderhosen of the period, not standard English breeches.

One Comment to “April 1st 1642”

  1. Interesting! They look more than simply old: aren’t those German-style pluderhosen? I don’t think they were fashionable at any time in Great Britain.

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