A Looking Glass For Drunkards

or The Good Fellows Folly. Moderately Reproving all such as practise the Beastly Sin of Inordinate and Excessive Tippling: With an Admonition for the future to forbear the same. To the Tune of Fy, Dutchmen, fie! London 1641

Call to temperance in the form of a broadside ballad. Here are the carousers, enjoying the delights of the tavern in doublet, breeches, falling band and wide brimmed hat. I’ve seen this reenacted with gusto in ale houses over the years, especially the chap bottom left and the guy in the middle having “a little lie down”. We can now sing the song. All together now:

” Drunkard how can ye boast of your hard drinking?

Think you there is neither Heaven or Hell?

While ye do headlong post, to the pit thinking;

You take no care, but think all things is well,

Oh fie! Forbear, ’tis a sin that will cry;

And pierce the clouds and the heavens so high:

Fy drunkards fie!”




Screen Shot 2013-01-28 at 13.33.47

2 Comments to “A Looking Glass For Drunkards”

  1. Looking for the tune (no luck so far) I found another version of this:

  2. HA HA HA… so so good 🙂 …

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